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Sport 43: 2015

Nick Ascroft — Keys to Success

page 229

Nick Ascroft

Keys to Success

Think more autistically.
Listen to the little voices in your smelling,
all the little loris voices, your caucus, churning into one vote.
Learn to judge the sensations of certitude
when your intuitions and hunches are valid.
Learn to memorise numbers unconsciously,
learn where to store and retrieve numbers
down some consistently trustworthy fjord of the unconscious.
The key to all 0900 master-memory builders is to memorise
things in threes,
threes are stored easily and once linked
in a little thought game, have, for instance, seven points of access
(through pairings, individually and as a whole).
This is wrong-footed, it wastes itself in too high and highly expensive
real estate of the mind.
Yes psychology is zonal, but not in the up-down sense of Freud.
The great novellist Freud
would shake his fist at his publicist and say,
Spiedlein, I sink vee hef con too far,
I ton’t know vezzer to kiss you, or to stick a bayonet in you.
But Christ in Himmel, ze money.
There are areas of processing and often preprocessing,
that are less filtered, that are filtered later into coherent portions,
whose ordering of data is initially less specified and thus
chaotic and pure.
Close off the silence and listen to the noise below.
Trust the cous-cous of the cuscus.