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Sport 43: 2015

Shanghai cooking show

page 184

Shanghai cooking show

My son undertakes an overnight shooting in my kitchen.
The next morning, he is sitting on my seat
with his laptop open, editing.
On the bench, all of our own cooking equipment, not used,
and on the table, tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar,
corn starch, and soy sauce.
Do not watch the show.
This of course is not yet available.
On the sofa, his friend sleeping feet
in the air, one leg crossed over each other, face
positioned as he fell asleep looking
at our soaring ceiling.
I am pleased all this industry
took place in our kitchen late at night.
I take my breakfast in silence,
trying not to disturb my son, the editor,
or his friend, when I remember,
I did not give the lecture!
I had a new framework to propose
that would have helped, slightly.
I need a torchbearer for my theory,
who will not confuse or glare
at my audience, and who is not likely
to forget to deliver the lecture!