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Sport 43: 2015

I’m out for dead presidents to represent me

page 180

I’m out for dead presidents to represent me

My words ain’t worth shit
and since I was a girl I was told
to put my money where my mouth is.

As a brown kid in Aotearoa it was all bout
dem dollar dollar bills yo, even though they
became defunct in ’91.

Before I was born, I was a nickel
in my mother’s ovaries and a dime
in my dad’s moneybags.

You could even say I’m made of money.

I’m your two-dollar coin
golden and baby oil shiny:
slip me into your slot machines

I’m your tatty fiver
a regular mountain climber

I’m voting for the Mana Party
with your tenner

I’m fucking Queen Elizabeth

I’m decolonising your fiddy

Preparing you for nuclear
fallout on your C Note

page 181

’Cos my words ain’t worth shit
but I know how to spend my body

I’m made of money and I’m burning
bullet holes in your pockets.