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Sport 43: 2015

p | q or alternative denial

p | q or alternative denial

to touch your clean-shaven face, to lick your wind-chapped
lips, to make quiet use of your parents’ bed while they’re
out is pragmatic as it is instrumental to the spice of life.

instead you read me philosophy at bedtime and i dream
of crystalline structures and ladders to climb then abandon,
of the logic of our expression: my body never with yours

sheffer stroking not anding, skating on ice plains, you or i but
never together and in dream speak you will tell me to wake up
and find the rough ground but we’re glacier-loving lovers of

knowledge, we’ll analyse our relationship and mind our
ps and qs, roses don’t grow in ice but snow
drops do. how do you want to seduce me? coldly, perfectly

in sleet sheets? sweating and unctuous, wrapped and rolled
in a pocky feather duvet? i can’t even say that i know my way
out of this lacuna: i am an islander but that doesn’t make me hot.

you will push me to the edges of language to find an answer
and at the rim i’ll try to describe my love for you, but all you
hear is nonsense. in the early hours of the morning, dozing,

we’re as pretty as a picture, i think. i’ll try to wake you with a kiss,
whispering that the meaning of language is in its use.
you put your finger over your lips:

whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.