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Sport 43: 2015

And the cows they are all orphans

page 172

And the cows they are all orphans

And the picture was a present
And the shore had not been broken
And the cows are not our orphans

And the photo hadn’t snapped yet
And I hadn’t seen the body
And there wasn’t time regardless

And the picture wasn’t present
And the cows they trumped the living
And the silence well it’s restful

And the pitcher wasn’t breaking
And the living cows weren’t moving
And the picture caught the paddocks

And the sun’s come up real stellar
And the dark well it’s a comfort
And the time regards us passing

And the crops how are they doing
And the most I’ll miss is you love
And the pitching sea’s a killer

And the midnight moonlight river
And the breaking call of cameras
And the picture snaps our colour
And there’s not a breath among us