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Sport 43: 2015

Rae Varcoe — Found Poem

page 55

Rae Varcoe

Found Poem

Nelson Public Libraries, this week

Who would leave a tutu in a library?
I’ll wager not the owner of
the misspelt ladies sandles
nor the man who left the exit
without his walking sticks.

Maybe not the baby who has lost his Tommee Tippee
who could also be bereft of a baby’s wool hat.
The cycle helmet startles.
Most of us would notice
what we’re wearing on our head.

Could that be the owner of the notebook noting books read,
who didn’t find a space to jot their name inside?
The owner of the fur seems unlikely to be cycling
nor would they be sporting the baseball caps times two.

What was the content of the wrapped present
and how did they know it was sure to disappoint?
The discarded silver heart from necklace
might say more than can be said.

Maybe I should pop along and see
if that light rainproof jacket
might perhaps belong to me.