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Sport 42: 2014

Dr Gully’s Cold Water Cure

page 60

Dr Gully’s Cold Water Cure

Five am,
patient to strip naked
and cold-water-soaked sheets
to be wound around the body,

these in turn
to be covered over
with blankets.

Wait one hour,
strip once again.

Make an application of iced spring water,
one swift dousing,
from a bucket positioned
directly above the head.

Encase belly and lower back
in a wet girdle;
dress otherwise in warm clothing.

Undertake briskly
the five mile walk from well to well,
taking draughts of water from each.

Sit for extended periods
before a hot lamp
to induce profuse sweating.

Breakfast should be dry biscuits,
dinner always
boiled mutton and fish,

No alcohol. No snuff. No work.