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Sport 42: 2014

Battle of the Vegetables

page 58

Battle of the Vegetables

For July, the weather has been dire;
today the children, bless them,
have been rampaging all morning
along the hallway outside my study door,
waging war. If I understand correctly,

Franky leads the carrot army,
little Lenny the potato one,
whilst Lizzy is engaging in a guerrilla action
somewhere between the two,
and all advancing and falling back,
all the time shouting, oh the shouting
and the banging of those wooden swords
which I confess I do regret, as Emma foresaw I would.

Just this instant we have a lull in hostilities,
for I have handed over several sheets
from my manuscript, a slaughtered first draft,
some pens and India ink. Next they will be after
Etty for her water colours, which is all to the good,
as it will entail them decamping upstairs,
and I shall have peace down here, for a time at least.