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Sport 42: 2014

Y as X

page 262

Y as X

When Y writes as X she thinks she should write sentences like jabs in a boxing match, but pulled at the last minute by a sudden funniness. How does he do that? She looks at X’s writing and sees his sentences are often shockingly short. X would never write a word like ‘disbenefit’, then in a long parenthesis explain that, surprisingly, the word does exist and how X (writing as Y) feels embarrassed she didn’t know, and that the person who used the word had a blocky confidence they would rise in the organisation, so took words from the course rather than older ones with their shabby disadvantages and how this upsets Y (X as Y) in ways she can’t explain. Close parenthesis.

When X sees Y’s attempts to write as him, he’s startled by the bluntness of the text. He’s become an alarmingly savage person. Put in ‘please’ there and there, he tells Y. And thank her. End by thanking her.