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Sport 42: 2014

Hours and glasses

page 20

Hours and glasses

This sand seems rich
with glass and salt.

Pockmarks of shellfish
breathing remind me

of instant pudding
setting; I want to eat

the sand. And, would
like to wash my feet—

cocoa toes in the camp’s
dust. I am not hungry

really or uncomfortable
yet. I can still lie

on my stomach with my eyes
five centimetres from the sand

and examine pebbles calmly.
This one is the colour

of the footpath outside
my daughter’s school.

This one is shaped like
a mole’s face; this one

page 21

tattooed with fine rows of
dots like the ceiling

of the room in which I exercised.
I am lucky to have my sight.

If I couldn’t see the stones
I mightn’t remember my home.

Others have had hearing aids
and reading glasses taken away.