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Sport 42: 2014

In the very earliest time — (a painting)

page 144

In the very earliest time

(a painting)

In the very earliest time
autumn trees stretched to the sky
raking the reds and pinks
of the sunset.

The grass was an extended family—
arguing, laughing.
When a human breathed its way into the painting
a house sprang up in greeting

it was that easy.
A friendly dog followed on the heels of the house
the wind sang a song—quite impromptu—
of welcome

and before the human knew it
they had grown like the trees to the sky.
Time passed, and their teeth fell out like hail
but not dangerously

their hair lifted into clouds
and their skin glistened
when it rained.

The grass did not mind the human shadow
that now cooled the land.
‘What magic, what luck’
The green granddads and aunties exclaimed

page 145 angling their pointed bodies towards each other
and nodding with the wind.
‘A magnificent guardian
to complete the picture.’

And the sun? Well, the sun
was quite separate.
Its white arms
simply held the frame.