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Sport 42: 2014

Uther Dean — Haiku

page 102

Uther Dean


Two cannibals eat
Each other until they are
Just two kissing mouths.

All fluorescent tubes
Are filled with tiny fairies.
Begging for your help.

Sue tore up her will,
Drank the serum. Fuck the kids.
She’d live forever.

Remodel your house
By flying into a rage
And smashing her stuff.

All the sad robots
Pretend to robot smile
At their robot friends.

Peter Painter smiles.
His watercolour teeth smudge
When he grins in the rain. page 103

When he ruled the world
Dr Robotz would show it
His sweet, tender heart.

The complexity
Of everyone else’s lives
Is overwhelming.

My latest mantra:
‘None of this is important.
You have enough love.’

It’s very easy
To feel like you’re doing things.
(You’re really dying.)

On a sinking ship
The captain embraced the crew
And became their raft.

I still remember
My best childhood bullies.
They made sure of that.

Kids can be so cruel.
So we should cave in their skulls
With big cinder-blocks. page 104

Tim’s misogyny
Seemed like ironic joking.
But was genuine.

When drowning in work
Allow it to flood your lungs
Then: euphoria.

When my leg brushed yours
On the Strathmore 44
My heart exploded.

My man-size pillow
Has a single hand to hold
And a beating heart.

Then he starts crying
Can’t stop and turns into sand.
(How we get beaches.)

The giant pimple
At the centre of your chest
Pops, oozing out love.