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Sport 42: 2014

The Great Wall Café

page 9

The Great Wall Café

The major gave us a chit
and we took it down the road
to a basic Chinese joint in Ghuznee St.

1974? Our not entirely wholesome covenant
would end when I got drunk,
bought two bottles of Glenvale’s sweetest sherry
and caught the train to Auckland.
Meanwhile, we had a room and not much else.
Meanwhile, we had one another.

Eggs and chips and white bread in abundance.
Worcestershire sauce in a faceted, pressed-glass shaker.
And we paid with our Salvation Army voucher.

Her breasts were small but boldly, starkly nippled.
She was avid and game, my golden-skinned nymphet,
and she had great faith in me. She had great faith in me,
and together we’d admire my splendid erection.
Her breasts were small but loudly, brownly nippled,
and I fucked her frequently, but frequently.