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Sport 41: 2013

Catherine Vidler — The pencil and the garden

page 129

Catherine Vidler

The pencil and the garden

This fairytale has begun to grow around a lost pencil, around which a garden has also been growing for some time. The garden is unaware of the pencil, but the pencil is acutely aware of the garden. Neither is aware of the fairytale (though of course the fairytale is aware of both). The pencil has always longed to write a fairytale however in its current state it is too distressed to imagine even the barest outline of what it might never again be in a position to say. The garden doesn’t know about fairytales (or the desire to write them) but the fairytale has now grown extensive enough to exert a gentle pressure around the pencil’s body, a sensation the pencil will later describe (in the third person) as an unexpected, curiously tremendous, release.