Title: Sport 40: 2012

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2014, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 40: 2012


An Englishman, an Irishman and a Welshman Walk into a Pä Tina Makereti 5
Five prose poems Hera Lindsey Bird 21
The Question Poem Bill Manhire 26
Two poems Kerrin P. Sharpe 28
poems Elizabeth Nannestad 32
The Harmonious Development of Man Aorewa McLeod 38
Bamako: Bud Rachel Sawaya 57
Two poems Holly Painter 62
Early Paula Green 64
Leaves Anna Taylor 66
Bug Week Airini Beautrais 77
Four poems Andrew Johnston 90
Two poems Catherine Vidler 92
Three poems Bill Nelson 94
Fado for Gran Mikaela Nyman 99
Two poems Vana Manasiadis 106
Two poems Helen Heath 108
Three poems Johanna Emeney 110
What the Plane Crash Made of Her Melissa Day Reid 112
This Is Not About Freud Rosabel Tan 125
Three Tesla poems Aleksandra Lane 138
Three poems Michael Hulse 140
Two poems Kate Camp 144
Two poems Ashleigh Young 148
Brothers and Sisters Elizabeth Knox 155
from Max Gate Damien Wilkins 196page break
Twelve poems Michael Krüger 167
Six poems Uljana Wolf 174
Five poems Raoul Schrott 180
On the Consumption of Books Juli Zeh 185
Borrowed Feathers or The Zeisig Talent Clemens J. Setz 190
Telling It Like It Is Jan Wagner 200
Four poems Jan Wagner 205
Five poems Daniela Seel 209
Five poems Maja Haderlap 213
from Heimstraße 52 Selim Özdogan 218
from The Story of My Evaluation at the Beginning of the Third Millennium PeterLicht 228
Three poems Michael Roes 232
Five poems Esther Dischereit 236
Prose Variations Michael Donhauser 240
from Things That Disappear Jenny Erpenbeck 242
Death Valley, Disneyland, Death Valley Thomas Pletzinger 248
from Nicotine Gregor Hens 257
About Me Ulrike Almut Sandig 260
Four poems Ulrike Almut Sandig 266
Three poems Judith Zander 269
Three poems Durs Grünbein 272
The fairytale of the totally symmetrical butterfly Dietmar Dath 274
from What Darkness Was Inka Parei 287
Three stories Alexander Kluge 304page break
My Brother's Blood Lawrence Patchett 300
Two poems Cliff Fell 328
Three poems Maria McMillan 330
Three poems Ruth Upperton 332
Three poems James Brown 335
A structure of a plant that contains its seeds Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle 341
Winter’s Child Hannah Jolly 347
Museum Pieces Chris Price 353
Two poems Louise Wallace 362
Two poems Lynley Edmeades 364
Cartography Trevor Hayes 366
Rankine Brown Pip Adam 367
Bacteria Susanna Gendall 373
Four poems Bernadette Hall 380
Lullaby Sarah Jane Barnett 383
Two poems Jo Thorpe 384
Two poems Frankie McMillan 388
Channelling Victoria Broome 390
Spill It Helen Lehndorf 391
The Swing Bridge Lucy Kirton 392
Cowboy Gemma Bowker-Wright 401
Thought Horses Rachel Bush 416
Now is the season of stone fruit Virginia Were 418
Two poems Marty Smith 420
Two poems Frances Samuel 422
Lost in the gulches and the sages: Issues of genre in Nigel Cox’s The Cowboy Dog André Gifkins 425
After Reading an Anthology Robert Gernhardt 444
Contributors 445