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Sport 40: 2012

The View from the Lookout

page 382

The View from the Lookout

for Denis O’Connor

there are two islands
anchored out there in the middle of the harbour
a large one and a smaller one    a father

and a daughter maybe    and there are a couple
of clouds   they hang around for a bit and then they start
to drift off to the left    towards the redoubt

there are waves that flow towards the coolness
of the bush   where the black skirts of mamaku
tick like the clicky ‘beetles’
we used to play with when we were kids
pumping our thumbs up and down on the dimpled tin

which is all part of a long slow plunge into memory
—as the sky falls down in cascades into the sea
and birds fling up and drift
away way out over the beautiful blue (fatal) inshore ponding