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Sport 40: 2012

The Order of Things

page 365

The Order of Things

Sometimes I forget the three, four, five
of the things that have been. So I go back
over it, to keep the order alive.

Remember that yellow house on the gravel drive,
our castle-on-the-hill cum weatherboard-shack?
Sometimes I forget the three, four, five.

I remember my sister wanting some Levis
and the Christmas that Mum gave us a kayak.
That was when Granddad was still alive.

There was that shed with the vacant beehive,
where Dad built a tree-house like a bivouac.
But really, I’ve forgotten the three, four, five.

I remember walking through the farm, and I’ve
come to thinking that was with a knapsack—
to kill the weeds but keep the grass alive.

When it was time for me to learn how to drive
I asked how I’d know which gear came next.
It’s difficult to keep the order alive
when I get confused with three, four, five.