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Sport 40: 2012

The prosecution

page 334

The prosecution

he loosed the boat that sank the ship
he muttered swears and gave us lip

he took sweet cherries from the girls
he swallowed whole the summer pearls

he took white sailboats from the boys
he gave the dead a waking voice

he shook the baby in the cot
he left the cabbages to rot

he spat into the casserole
he left the dreamer in the hole

he smashed the glass-spun hummingbird
he wouldn’t use the magic word

he took our tongues and gave us lies
he made the graveman improvise

he slapped the spinster in the face
he broke the boy who won the race

he disembowelled the sacred cow
he said to us, start running now

he dyed the wedding dresses red
he filled the old man’s head with lead

and this is why we want him dead
and this is why we want him dead