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Sport 40: 2012

Astronaut in October

Astronaut in October

He was far out, for weeks, in zero gravity,
Never at home amidst the cables and the modules.
A hamster in the space station’s billion-dollar wheel,
Propelled by one word only: mission, mission.

Now he returns into the world just as it is. Worn out,
And not a bit superior to the world he left.
A giant drain for every form of knowledge, goodness,
A trouble spot with five unequal continents, and islands
In a sea that couldn’t care less about life on the mainland.

Still breathing down his neck the emptiness of those cold spaces,
He’s warmed by an October day. He feels relieved and free
Down here, in front of ground control, the telescopes.
He takes a short-cut home, straight through the fields.