Title: Sport 40: 2012

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2014, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 40: 2012

Daniela Seel

page 209

Daniela Seel


now take this house as an outpost
of my consciousness for example
from nooks and crannies creatures dash
that have no lashes at all I always
wanted to keep track but could never catch
what is so fleet of foot I kept having
to squint perhaps it was a trick or perhaps
lack of equipment I wanted to get a grip
yet couldn’t drill myself into the habit of
being a bee spider bat this house has no
brows for me to hide behind with a wink
nd what could I possibly know of any
imaginary cat were I to possess
the nose of a rat

page 210


so then I simply slipped on
her body like an apron.

a bid to gain distance, a movement
existing only in time and not in space.

as senses steer what we do. I always
believed in her voice, never her eyes.

I cannot stop myself doing it over.
entering of outcomes. this action,

which constitutes my body. its discreet,
disciplined presence. I never want to

take off this apron again.

page 211


and what it means: livable. a few winters on
and the table bears a record of our designs. incursions
into arrival. a conversation about shoes, crutches
to get us over the petty betrayal. the few necessary
adjustments on account of body temperature. you choose
to examine the gestures, thirst, a hair discovered
between the sheets. you push your untouched plate
back onto the oven. demand nothing. the calluses
on your fingertips, you say, are worse than ever.


allegory of a tear-off calendar your body hunkered down
one ear pressed to the door. comically memorable.
breath freezes. you say let our arms be sails nudging
the clouds, the one that looks away first will lose.
all those promises. for a while we go along with that,
side by side, two strangely folded oceans
and the fog licks up its droplets of rain.

page 212

meaning the extinguishing of the eyes

meaning madness then burning
the burning surging bodies the

bodies ablaze and stammering
in flames for one another

maimed stammering put out the
blaze, then extinguish the eyes

extinguishing the burning eyes
saying to one another in this heat

of the sweltering the sweating
of the heaving readiness falling

fallen on one another and then
naming the heaving hustling body

and then heated naming surrender
nd heaving and whining in flaming

wrestling and then hot tears for
one another and whimpering fit-

fully forward and sighing and finding
one another and naming pain then and

also meaning love and meaning love
tearing fever then and meaning

the extinguishing of one another in
the burning blaze of the eyes the eyes

From ich kann diese stelle nicht wiederfinden © kookbooks, 2011. English translations © Karen Leeder, 2012.