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Sport 40: 2012

Study. Of Spaces and of Filling Them

Study. Of Spaces and of Filling Them


This is the outside.
The Look-Out: Mt Victoria,
or Seurat with his specks for faces, stalled strollers,
cars dissolving. Here are the lanes of the world:
red lights and islands, traffic on skin—sun-spots,
moles, maps of accidental scars. At Odlin’s,
the timber’s been turned into pixels. The wind-tunnel
effect means draughts the size of noise
get sucked between two walls.


This is the inside. The muscle that joins the jaw
to the cheek. The pterygoid stretch of long vowels:
mourn, my’o-car’di-um. In the living room,
there is a car-wash, or Mirò’s Blue I, II, and III:
red lines humming highways, valves closing,
barometry. Which is to say: I watch your softening
pace; which is to feel, your pulse, falling,
under my fingertips.