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Sport 38: Winter 2010

How to Qualify for a Flat Lawn

How to Qualify for a Flat Lawn

First you must tire of Wellington's steep inclines,
its dips, middens, hillocks, bluffs and gradients,
handrails and problems with access for the elderly

and imagine a bright green pool in the sunshine
where a yellow sea-grass chair floats with its cargo
of cushions, poetry books and an old sunhat (with ribbons).

If you instinctively know that your supta baddha konasana,
the most demanding of all the Iyengar yoga poses,
will be superior on 85% dwarf rye, 15% fescue, 5% brown top

and if you have an eye for perspective and contours
so this verdant sward I am describing would be a relief
not only to your eye, that busy organ, but also to your soul—

then—drum roll from behind the ferns—you are a prospect.