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Sport 37: Winter 2009


page 66


As it happens I am this evening
way hopeful.
A ship, not alone,
rather populated as a small city.
The people walk the deck, which steadies under them.
The ship notices the water
to purr through it.
There are lights in the evening, dances.

I am a walking drum
in the long snout of the ship.
I am under several men on the causeway.
I am dining out on the story.
I am always short of cash.

At the Captain's post, a series
of dots indicates position.
He swings in the chair.
There is a map in him
and a map below him.
If there were music here,
I think he would be singing.

As it happens, I am this evening
ducking under cables.
Ropes connect and unloose.
In the ballroom they are playing
Daisy My Love.
In the foreword and the afterword
the ship is all closed up.
In the ocean the citizens
are taking a vote.