Title: Sport 37

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2009, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 37: Winter 2009

Tony Beyer

page 82

Tony Beyer

The Acolyte

on the day of his apotheosis
Elvis will come to Hawera
in a sky blue 72 Cadillac

and raise up his faithful servant
K.D. Wasley by the hand
mumbling Good goin ol buddy

in that voice that tells you
it's all right
and while a chorus of Florida beach girls

wiggles along to Return to Sender
the two of them
sideburned and slightly paunchy

but it's all right
will soar above the water tower and Mt Taranaki
into the blue sky of rock n roll legend

where there is only one King
who clicks into place on his throne
like a fridge door magnet

page 83

Colin McCahon Was an Elvis Impersonator

checked shirt
and the tendency towards
a quiff over the forehead

he could have painted
Man With a Cadillac Grin
or speed stripes
along the sides
of a bottle-green Vauxhall
or the infinite variations
of three-dimensional chess
in two dimensions

but it was the era
of Sputnik
All Shook Up
and the Northland Panels

page 84

Jane's Paintings

(Jane Pountney 1949–2004)


I'm tired of writing
letters to dead friends


I remember
how elated she was
having sold a painting
to be able to buy materials
for another larger work
and how the new scale
made her stretch her arms
and art


in the absence
of a God
she could believe in
McCahon was her god
a flawed and stumbling
who wrote his name
on dark
with light

page 85


for a long time
all she owned
of value
was the McCahon
she eventually sold
to buy a house
to paint in


busy vigorous generous loud
not nearly
for long enough