Title: Sport 36

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2008

Part of: Sport

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Sport 36: Winter 2008


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Pip Adam is a Wellington fiction writer. In 2007 she completed the Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University. Her work has been published in Glottis, Turbine, Lumière Reader and Hue & Cry.

Johanna Aitchison 's collection of poems A long girl ago was published by VUP in 2007.

Barbara Anderson was born in 1926 and published her first book, the short story collection I think we should go into the jungle, in 1989. She is the author of eight novels, including the Wattie Award-winning Portrait of the Artist's Wife, and her Collected Stories appeared in 2003. 'Chapter 2' is from her memoir, which she is completing for publication later in 2008.

Hinemoana Baker 's first book of poems, Matuhi | Needle, was published in 2004; she is completing a second.

David Beach , the author of a collection of poems called Abandoned Novel (VUP, 2006), won the 2008 $65,000 Prize in Modern Letters for emerging writers. He is now a retired mail sorter. His next book features prominently two urban locations not often juxtaposed, Troy and Te Aro. The End of Atlantic City, it will be published by in July.

Lucinda Birch lives in the Wairarapa. Her stories have been published in Sport and other magazines, and a collection of her photographs and stories You Are Here was published in 2005 by The Arts Centre of Christchurch.

Victoria Birkinshaw was born in 1978 and lives and works in Wellington. She exhibits at Mary Newton Gallery, and has had work included in group exhibitions at City Gallery Wellington, Pataka in Porirua, and elsewhere.

Amy Brown 's first book of poems, The Propaganda Poster Girl, has just been published by VUP.

James Brown 's latest book of poems is The Year of the Bicycle (VUP, 2006). His poems aren't as autobiographical as some people think.

Owen Bullock writes poems, stories, scripts and haiku. Recent work has appeared in Blackmail Press, Blue Giraffe (Australia), Iota (UK), Southern Ocean Review and Takahe. He is Associate Editor of Poetry NZ and co-editor of Kokako.

Eleanor Catton was born in 1985. Her first novel, The Rehearsal, won the Adam Prize in 2007, and will be published by VUP in July. She won the 2007 Sunday Star-Times short-story competition, and is the recipient of the 2008–2009 Schaeffer Fellowship to attend the Iowa Writers Workshop. She leaves in August.

Craig Cliff won the novice section of the 2007 BNZ Katherine Mansfield Short Story Competition and his work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Etchings, JAAM, Turbine, Snorkel, Lumière Reader and Takahe. In 2008, while living in Edinburgh, the Unesco City of Literature, he is attempting to write one million words. You can follow his progress at www.yearofamillionwords.blogspot.com.

Geoff Cochrane 's most recent collection is 84-484 (VUP, 2007). These poems are from the forthcoming Pocket Edition.

Lynn Davidson has published two collections of poetry, Mary Shelley's Window and Tender, and a novel, Ghost Net. How to live by the sea, a collection of poetry written last year as part of her MA in Creative Writing at the International Institute page 239of Modern Letters, will be published by VUP.

Kate Duignan is a novelist and occasional poet, currently teaching at the IIML in Wellington.

Breton Dukes lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He works in the government. He is 33 years old.

Joan Fleming is a Wellington writer. She completed her MA in Creative Writing in 2007 and received the Biggs Poetry Prize. Her poems have appeared in Takahe, Lumière Reader and Hue & Cry.

John Gallas . Born in Wellington, 1950. Young days in Nelson. Has lived and worked in England since 1972, coming home each winter. Seven books of poetry published by Carcanet. And two, with illustrations by Clifford Harper, by Agraphia Press. The three sonnets are from a 107-poem-story called 'Molecule'. Molloy, 12 years old, leaves home on his bike in an attempt to avoid Evolution. After heading east from Richmond he reaches Grassmere, and, after being returned home by the police, sets off west, via Pupu Springs and Fossil Point, to his last great independent decision near Wharariki Beach.

In 2006 Bernadette Hall was Writer in Residence at Victoria University. As the recipient of the Rathcoola Residency award in 2007, she spent six months in Ireland, living and writing in a stone cottage 40 minutes from Blarney in Co. Cork. These poems were all written during that time. 'Leda at the Billabong' mentions: 'Leda and the Swan', a copy after a lost original by Michelangelo, after 1530, held in the National Gallery, London; 'Rape of the Sabine Women', painted by Nicolas Poussin, 1634; 'A Patch of Grass with Butterflies', a lovely work painted by Vincent Van Gogh at the Asylum at St-Rémy in 1890 and now held in the National Gallery, London.

Trish Harris lives in Porirua City and as the city byline says, it's amazing! It is also home to the Whitireia Community Polytech Writing Programme where she studied and tutored. She has been a student on the poetry and creative non-fiction workshops at Victoria University, Wellington, and has had work broadcast on Radio New Zealand and published in the School Journals, the NZ Listener and various anthologies.

Julie Hill is a playwright and journalist for radio and TV who lives in Wellington. She enjoys cycling and playing records.

Anna Horsley is completing her first collection of stories for publication. She won the Adam Prize in Creative Writing in 2006.

Andrew Johnston 's latest book of poems is Sol (VUP, 2007).

Harold Jones was born in New Zealand in 1952 and read English at Cambridge University. He lives in Tauranga and works in Australia, Indonesia and the US as a director of, and adviser to, a number of global companies. An adviser to BHP Billiton Global Technology on strategies and management techniques for the development of innovation, he is now assisting in preparation of innovation policy advice for the Australian government. Four poems appeared in Sport 35.

Brent Kininmont usually lives in Tokyo. In 2007 he completed a masters in creative writing at Victoria University.

Saradha Koirala is a Wellington-based English teacher who has always had a passion for writing, art and music. In 2007, she completed an MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University. Sometimes, when her classes are working quietly, she still gets the chance to scribble down lines and remember solitude.

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Chloe Lane completed her MA in creative writing at the IIML last year. She is founder and editor of the new art and literary journal Hue & Cry. She currently lives in Wellington.

Jessica Le Bas is a recipient of a Mental Health Foundation's Media Grant. Her first collection of poetry, incognito was published in 2007 (AUP). She lives in Nelson.

Mary Macpherson is a Wellington poet and photographer. Her last publication was Millionaire's Shortbread, a joint collection (Otago UP), and she completed the MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University in 2006.

Dora Malech convened one of the 2007 MA Writing for the Page workshops at Victoria University's International Institute of Modern Letters. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous publications, including The New Yorker, Poetry, and The Yale Review. Her work was also included in Best New Zealand Poems 2007.

Vana Manasiadis is a Wellington writer and sometime teacher. She has been living in Crete the last year and receiving many guests.

Bill Manhire was on the cover of the Spring 2008 Poetry London, in which these poems first appeared.

Cilla McQueen has published ten books of poetry and a CD, A Wind Harp (Otago University Press 2006). She lives and writes in Bluff, in the south of the South Island.

Alice Miller is currently completing her MFA at the Iowa Writers' Workshop; she also has an MA from the IIML. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Best New Zealand Poems 2007; Kaupapa: New Zealand poets, world issues; Zoland; Notnostrums; Turbine and Sport 35.

Lucy Orbell is a broadcaster and poet. In 2006 she completed the MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University. She lives in Wellington and likes to touch the bark on trees.

Charlotte Simmonds is a big fan of Batman and violent romance. She is often found smoking outside theatres. She aims to become New Zealand's most famous bipolar playwright and is currently working on a book called 100 Small Robots You Can Build At Home. 'Burnt Coffee', which is based on Medea, had its world première at Bats Theatre on 29 May 2008, under director David Lawrence.

Craig Sherborne has published plays, poetry and two memoirs, Hoi Polloi (Black Inc) and Muck (VUP). These poems were published in Melbourne's Age ('Ex') and Monthly late last year.

C.K. Stead 's Book Self: The Reader as Writer and the Writer as Critic came out in March.

Jo Thorpe 's first volume of poetry, Len and other poems, was published in 2003 by Steele Roberts. She completed her MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University in 2002 and currently teaches Dance History at the NZ School of Dance in Wellington. Her poems have also been published in the Listener, NZ Books, Poetry NZ, JAAM and Takahe.

Damien Wilkins is the 2008 Katherine Mansfield Memorial Fellow in Menton.

Ashleigh Young is a writer and editor living in Wellington. She is a contributor to Booknotes, Turbine, and sometimes Sport. She is currently studying part-time and herding some poems into a small collection.

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