Title: Sport 36

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2008

Part of: Sport

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Sport 36: Winter 2008

Andrew Johnston

page 186

Andrew Johnston


I have one Moonlight
who married into my tree—

Agnes Moonlight, born
St Vigeans, Angus,

eighteen thirty six,
September three.

I have been unable to locate
a death date

for her. Does this
help? Do you

have Agnes Moonlight
in your tree?

page 187

Hotel Turangawaewae

A towel in the bath means
a towel on the rail:

a candle in the window,
a sign on the door:

Do Not Disturb means
I've made my bed:

I'm neat, I'm discreet,
I'm staying on, but

you can have my suite:
look, I am going for a stroll—

there are so many stars,
I shall choose one for myself—

and when I return the room
will be just as I left it.

page 188


for Oscar

Sensei, they call him—Master,
on account of his technical perfection

but dealing with Sensei
is like kabuki

under water. Will you
inherit my weakness

for not going there,
for watching the movie instead—

its Sensei, its ramen, its kabuki whisky?
Some people have kabuki in the blood—

let them make the trip, and
send back paper birds,

each explaining one
of Sensei's words.