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Sport 36: Winter 2008

41. Molecule's dream

41. Molecule's dream

He slept by Grassmere Pond. The water, thick
with sludged and crackled salt-shine, glitter-skinned,
shone like Heaven's banner dipped in sin.
He dreamed of giants wading hills, their skin
as blue as sailors' shirts, their arms like wind,
their feet like wakas. Then they drowned. A slick
of liquid paua brimmed their stridden ground.
They fell as trees. Beneath the diamond calm
he saw their glued eyes flick. He woke up, sweat
shining on his skin. His shirt was wet.
He snorted like a drowning man. One arm
was empty as a breeze. He turned around.

His eyes blinked in the glare. Two giants lay
asleep beside his bike. He crawled away.