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Sport 35: Winter 2007

… and We All Discuss Cocteau Films

… and We All Discuss Cocteau Films

First there is you.
And you take off your coat.
No, wait, you put it back on again.

No. First there is the woman,
with the large red beads.
She fingers them cautiously.
No, she does nothing of the sort.
She admires my flowers.
I say nothing.

No, first there is me, in my house.
The others will arrive later,
but you arrive before any of them.
I am the first.
It is my house.

No, I come home to find you on my sofa.
You are there before me, taking off your coat.
No, your coat is already off.
I find you on my sofa,
drinking coffee from my coffee cup.
You make to move, suddenly.
You make to put your coat back on.

Stop. I say.
(Do I?)
Stop, I say. Don't go.
page 27 (The woman with the beads will arrive soon. Later, the others.)

You have moved into my house.
There is two of everything.
We are selling a fridge and a washing machine.

First there is me,
and my admirable flowers.
Next there is you,
and coffee stains on the carpet.

I don't remember leaving the door unlocked.
I don't remember a woman with cautious red beads.