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Sport 35: Winter 2007

Ann Mallinson — Famous Writers: No. 34

page 131

Ann Mallinson

Famous Writers: No. 34

'There is nothing innately admirable about celibacy,' the clipped tone pronounced. His companion said nothing.

'The house is now full of paint pots. It is difficult for a writer to work in this situation.'

'Your parents' marriage. How did you see it? Your father once told me,' the clipped tone was even more sure of itself, 'that he went to the East to make a contribution, but he became disillusioned. They didn't want his help. He married unwisely.'

'I have told my New Zealand friends Richard and Jo about us.'

'How are you getting back to your hotel?'

'I'll walk.'

'No, I cannot allow that.'

'I could get a taxi.'

'Well, if you do walk, be very careful.'

'Now, tomorrow. You can sleep in. In the afternoon you can look at the shops. I have to stand around at a cocktail party.'

The dinner was over. He got up, strode to the door, followed by a shy, plumpish ingénue.