Title: Mountain top

Author: Edmund Cake

In: Sport 34: Winter 2006

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2006

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

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Sport 34: Winter 2006

Mountain top

page 166

Mountain top

All told, nine in blood spa
mountain camp puberty hot pool
steaming birds and boys watch squirting msg
and wedge into each other on camp

Asian chefs spray fire and fish sauce
into the naked teen's spa
and import feather topped bamboo poles
and crack them, blowing splinters up the pool jet holes

It's Asian restaurant puberty naked teen school camp
up mountain top
and the bus drives for an hour to the public hot pools
along the Desert Road
I tell a naked teen about the robot sock machine
pumping out socks with heart and golf motifs

There's hot pools and men with portable gas hobs and woks
spraying out soy fire into the laps of steaming girls
Pacific rim fusion smoke
drifts toward the cold volcano in dusk shadow

It's the train spiral noodles
spraying fire over the dead town
and waking the howling clown inside every farmer's wardrobe
The ribboned gift box full of soft bikini teens
cut from girlfriend magazines

page 167

The curled and soiled jpgs that reside
in the confiscated drives and minds
of dead town farmers five miles long

The howler is nominated chef during PD
summoning the billy boiling tea
making the toasted sandwiches
What's on his mind while the others clear gorse?

And when the moon rises over skiing mountain
the St Bernard howls at what Germaine Greer made him do
They gaze in embarrassment at their giant paws.