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Sport 34: Winter 2006

The Good Old Kiwi Bloke

The Good Old Kiwi Bloke

He was the king of the fly swat and the lord of the vegetable patch. He was the Four Square man and for the rest of his life he was losing pencils behind his ears. You would see him in a holey singlet on the front porch. Or asleep in front of the television. In his time people played the piano at parties. Everybody wore their hair in little waves across their foreheads.

Sure, sometimes he would get too drunk and be unable to open his own front door. Sure, he wasn't polite about his neighbours. But he is up in the sky now, making sure the paint rusts off old signs, and that the beanpoles in the back yard rot and fall over. Keeping an eye on the real estate agents. Perfecting the twilight chirp of a cricket.