Title: Sport 33

Editor: Fergus Barrowman

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2005

Part of: Sport

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Sport 33: Spring 2005

Marty Smith

page 164

Marty Smith

[A poem by Marty Smith]

no horse
has equal tone
in all four hooves

the odd
sauntering sound

like a rough unsteady
heart and I

to the spaces
uneven as what

they will find out:
I am glass, a fake

I set my wall: sit
behind beneath
sharp-scraped hooves

I block
the blue veins of
the moon

its yellow eye

page 165

our lost intimacy with horses

where we live now
from creatures

into a metal world
we things of thinness
too close to the ground

to spin and leap in bloods
some ghost
shadow flicker-run

like films on cave walls
fat-shined dapple moves
like shades

everyday horses
are strange to us, and lost

as hidden nerves
buried leaps
all the underneath
ticking of the world

horses tell us
when to be afraid