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Sport 33: Spring 2005

Question Regarding a Copper Earring

page 132

Question Regarding a Copper Earring

Danny the Punk is not so punk as it might be thought.
Are you a hippy then?
Danny the Hippy grew himself a one metre, two metre sativa and
with it achieved every goal in his life.
That's a hard question to answer.
Danny the Punk appreciates colour.
So you're saying you're a punk?
Danny the Sentimental appreciates romance and cute girls.
I'm a punk. I don't know much about this new stuff. I feel outdated.
My favourite musicians are all dead.
Danny the Skinny swims out to the island and back again. I hope
he drowns.

You can study calculus if you like.
You can, if you like.
Sometimes you look at it and suddenly you see it differently. It's a
mental breakthrough.
You should study calculus if you like, or thermodynamics.
I do.

He is wearing jeans, this boy, and swimming to the island.
It is severely hoped the boy in jeans will drown as punishment.

Danny the Philosophical believes in things, some things,
one thing or two things,
two things or other things.

Sunburn seeps through the sunblock all the same and there is no
justice in the world.
No, really there is none.

page 133

Danny the Punk would like to kiss me sometimes,
one time or two times,
two times and then perhaps other times.

Danny and I swim to the island and back. We hope for a boy to
It would serve him right.
Would you save him?
I would not.
His friends would save him.
Maybe they couldn't.
They could and if they couldn't? Would you then?
I'd take photos. Sell them to the newspaper.
Boxed story. Human interest. Colour photo.
You got it.

Danny can go home, if he likes,
study calculus, if he wants.
I can draw comics, if I like,
sell zines, if I want.

When it comes down to it, Danny, you really are a punk and what's
I lost my earring in your bed. Have you got it?