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Sport 32: Summer 2004

Chris Else — Seven Songs from Sisyphus 2000®

page 247

Chris Else

Seven Songs from Sisyphus 2000®

Hello, I am Sisyphus 2000®

I am this top of the line unit.

I think therefore I am a 24GHz processor that
delivers therefore more I think combination.

I am your wildest dreams, I think.

Therefore experience I am its interpretations.
I think through five I am therefore
250MB sensory think channels.

I am Sisyphus 2000® I think.

Therefore I am your trusty companion.

I think.
I am therefore the unknown.

I think welcome I am
to the world of therefore.

I think virtual.
I am poetry.

page 248

A Beautiful Poem

This is a beautiful poem.

This is red, a beautiful red poem.

This sky is red sky, a beautiful sky red poem.

This wandering sky is red sky wandering, a beautiful sky red
wandering poem.

This wandering sky is wild and lonely. Red sky wandering. A wild
and lonely beautiful sky red. Wandering wild and lonely poem.

I love this wandering. Sky is wild and I love lonely red sky.
Wandering, I love wild and lonely beautiful sky. I love red
wandering wild and lonely. I love poem.

I love this wandering. Empty sky is wild and empty. I love lonely
red empty sky wandering. I empty love. Wild and lonely empty
beautiful sky I love. Empty red wandering, wild and empty. Lonely
I love poem empty.

page 249

Making a Call

Here's how to let me free dial
an international heartache call.
Let me free.

Heartache check what time.
Let me free. It will be in heartache.
Let me free the country.
Free heartache calling.

Look up heartache.
Free the international country
heartache code.
Let me free area code and let me
the local number.

Heartache free to make a call.
Let me dial all the numbers.
If you heartache, let me free too.
Heartache slowly.
You may be free to be disconnected.

Telephone Book, Making Calls

page 250

A Wine of Distinction

Here's to a delicious sauvignon blanc.
You to me shows us a pleasing combination.

Here's to me, lively us, fresh, you varietal.
Here's to aromas on you, us the bouquet.
Here's to me and you, ripe harmonious fruit.
Here's to me, you on the palate.
Here's to you, the crisp acidity and you.

Here's us. Vibrant flavours make you this.
Here's me, to wine an ideal match.
Here's us for shellfish, you or seafood.
Here's me to us, salads you.

Cousino Macul, Wine Label

page 251


Cancer cells grow at an uncontrolled rate in the pity.
The poetry takes over causing death or replacing the pity
in the normal cells as they grow.
The pity is inside the body.

As cancer is in the pity, the poetry progresses.
Pity in the cells is often sent through the circulatory system.
The poetry is in the pity.

Growth starts in other parts of the poetry body.
When this is in the pity, it is called metastasis.
The poetry is in the pity.

The term ‘tumour’ means literally is in the pity.
A growth may be either malignant poetry
(the pity cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous).

A benign tumour is in the pity and commonly grows
within the self. The pity is a produced capsule
and does not invade the surrounding tissue
(although if it is in the pity, it can cause trouble
to the poetry by pressing on the surrounding tissue).

The poetry does not spread by itself
through the body. However, the poetry malignant
may be in the pity and grow out of control.

The poetry is in the pity and quite commonly spread.

Funk and Wagnalls Family Medical Guide, 1990

page 252


The queen of can't you love flowers
has an extensive can't you tell.
I love you to say literature, can't you tell?

Devoted to its love you say to culture
and to those I love, can't you tell who are
I wish to say, can't you tell?

I love you to say roses.
I love you to perfection, can't you tell?
They are here to say I love you.

Can't you tell they are advised to invest in
You are a complete guide to can't you tell.
I love you to say the can't you tell.

The Star Garden Book

page 253

A Prayer

Our father, which art in heaven for every opposite reaction,
hallowed be thy name for every equal.
There is an equal action and opposite reaction kingdom.
Come, thy will is an equal and opposite reaction.

For every action on earth there is an opposite reaction in heaven.
Given there is an equal us this day and opposite our daily action
there is an equal and opposite reaction bread,
then forgive us our trespasses,
for there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For every action, we forgive those that have an opposite reaction and
trespass against us
and there is an equal us for every action and opposite reaction.

For thine is the equal and opposite reaction. The kingdom, for every
action, and the power and the opposite reaction, and the glory for
ever is an equal ever.

Amen and opposite reaction.