Title: Exposure

Author: Emma Neale

In: Sport 32: Summer 2004

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, December 2004

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

Conditions of use



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Sport 32: Summer 2004

Emma Neale — Exposure

page 223

Emma Neale


Specific Fear: Spiders

  • 1.Look at a picture of a spider.
  • 2.Touch the picture.
  • 3.Look at a spider in a jar.
  • 4.Handle a rubber spider.
  • 5.Touch a jar containing a live spider.
  • 6.Imagine how it feels to touch a live spider.
  • 7.Briefly touch a live spider.
  • 8.Allow a spider to remain in the palm of your hand.

Specific Fear: Heights

  • 1.Look out your bedroom window, alone.
  • 2.Look out a second storey window, with company.
  • 3.Look out a second storey window, alone.
  • 4.Look out a third storey window, with company.
  • 5.Continue ascending until you can (a spinning top, arms flung wide as a weathercock's) turn in a high, open, wild space alone.

Specific fear: Loss

  • 1.Tap the outside of a rinsed, clean glass. Catch the hollow note.
  • 2.Look at a photo of someone walking out of shot.
  • 3.Touch the photo of someone walking out of shot.
  • 4.Look at pictures of places where someone you love is not. (Pay close attention to doorframe, park bench, fountain edge.)
  • 5.Touching the loved one, imagine how it feels not to touch the loved one.
  • 6.Momentarily stop holding the loved one.
  • 7.Allow the absence to remain in the palms of your hands.