Title: Go Skating

Author: Ashleigh Young

In: Sport 32: Summer 2004

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, December 2004

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

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Sport 32: Summer 2004

Go Skating

Go Skating

I know when your eyes freeze over, a brackish pond
you will not skate over
that the old chords are creeping up on you,
a tremor in the white alley.

page 153

You are lying on your bed
and they come and stand over you
like aunts over a baby.

voices are melting together where friends
have gathered to turn twenty-
one in your living room

and the song is sung three times,
each a half-tone too low;
it is a body sliding down a mountain.

Sometimes you are at the summit
watching it go. Or you are at the pond
looking out over the brittle water;
through the black mohawked trees

comes the slithering sound.
Sometimes, now, you stand at the window
of your room. You lever

the pane to lean out under
the porchlight, look down
at the street, find it leaden with ice.
The old chords make a hollow sound.

It is the rattle of the piano keys
under your hands
when you don't turn the power on.