Title: Snap Happy

Author: Mark Amery

In: Sport 30: Peter Black-Real Fiction

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, March 2003

Part of: Sport

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Sport 30: Peter Black-Real Fiction



I mourn the loss of my Kodak 133,
it went the way of all plastic

but there are times I feel beholden to
that small faithful body and nylon strap,

that comforting drag at the wrist,
and pre-sexual click of satisfaction

as each new shot fell into place.
Two settings covered all weathers

‘cloudy, sunny’—the viewfinder
stepped the world back, squared it

to a commodious minature
almost anything wandered into.

[Chris Orsman, ‘Instamatic’]

page 15
In the second photograph [p13] a man holds a camera. It looks like standard domestic issue Kodak. Casting a most impressive shadow, he stands on a ten-gallon drum, shading his face from the light with his arm and holding the camera away from his eye. He does all this so he can see better—no fancy tripods and long lens for this fella. The photograph is a tribute to looking behind you at those who are looking, rather than looking at that which is looked at. A suggestion that it's not how swish your camera is, but a willingness to experiment with where you look from.