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Sport 28: Autumn 2002

Elizabeth Isichei — The Induna of Jerusalem

page 134

Elizabeth Isichei

The Induna of Jerusalem

Reading Revelations, he found stones.
A jasper and a sardine stone.
He collected pebbles in Natal streams.
Their markings were angelic messages.
Thou God of St. Itenirrah, God of St. Nazar.
These are the names, that were written
On the glorious morning star.

He was called Saint Nazar
and founded a church in 1923
which did not outlive him.
I am the great induna of Jerusalem.
Dressed in a green gown I praise God.
The Lord Jesus Christ revealed the Scripture of truth
H.G. latin RIO EST M.B. % MGU.

His first love died; later, he found another.
I exist because Johanna lives.
The sun was quiet as a Book bound together.
I am an outlaw because I have my own private faith.

He spoke with God on a heavenly telephone.