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Sport 26: Autumn 2001


page 191


Karen L. Anderson (born 1973) is an American poet who spent 2000 in Wellington on a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship and completed an MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University. She coedited Spectacular Babies (Flamingo, 2001), which features writing from the members of that class, and is presently living in Connecticut and revising her poetry collection Water Leaves the Boneyard.

Paola Bilbrough has recently received an Asialink writer's residency. Later this year she will be working on her first novel at Keio University, Tokyo.

Kate Camp's first collection of poems, Unfamiliar Legends of the Stars, won the 1999 Jessie Mackay Award for best first book; her second, Realia, will be published by VUP later in 2001.

Geoff Cochrane lives in Newtown. His new collection of poems, Acetylene, will be published by VUP later in 2001.

Linda Connell is a New Zealander presently living in the United States.

Tim Corballis's first novel, Below, will be published by VUP in mid 2001.

Laurence Fearnley's novel Room was published by VUP in late 2000.

Paloma Fresno was born in Spain and now divides her time between Spain and New Zealand. She has been a student at the University of Auckland and is now completing a PhD on New Zealand Literature at the University of Oviedo.

Ingrid Horrocks is currently studying at Princeton University.

Mel Johnston is a 28-year-old writer from Wellington.

Christine Johnston's collection of short stories, The End of the Century, was published by Canterbury University Press in 1999.

Anna Livesey is a student at Auckland University. ‘South Seas Analecta’ was scavenged from History 111, Colonial Encounters: Pacific Experiences, taught at Victoria University in 1999. It won the 2000 Macmillan Brown Prize.

Johanna Mary [sic: Johanna Knox]

Sue McCauley has spent three years writing a novel ‘on commission’—something she would advise others never to do. She's currently working on her second collection of short stories and waiting on the production of her stage play Acting Your Age.

Andrew Ross was born in Masterton in 1966 and has a BA in History from VUW. He has been taking photographs since 1989, and since 1988 has had exhibitions at the John Street Grill and Photospace gallery. One of his photographs was included in the group show Looking Back, curated by Peter Ireland at Peter McLeavey Gallery in February 2001.

Brian Turner has recently completed a new collection of poems.

Damien Wilkins is the author of three novels, most recently Nineteen Widows Under Ash (VUP, 2000), as well as essays, short stories and poetry.