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Sport 25: Spring 2000

Shy Away from It

page 126

Shy Away from It

When it's something important that has to be said, it's best
To shy away from it. I don't mean to be a sour lemon,
I'm not posturing as a fatalist, if it feels schmaltzy,
& It smells schmaltzy, it'd probably sound schmaltzy,
Who're you kidding. I suggest geniality, be so genial,
So warm & ungrudging, no one could fault you on it.
There are always ways of papering things over,
A veneer is not a sin, it's your medicinal necessity.
& It's the ugliest word, faith, but you need to summon up
The willpower, & gee, have a little.
You'll get over yourself, take it all out in the thanklessness,
Martyrdom is the soft option & I recommend it heartedly.