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Sport 25: Spring 2000

The word as a wrapping

page 13

The word as a wrapping

It would help if you think of words as wrappings
That plain brown paper a butcher uses to surround steak
The newsprint announcing your fish and chips
A patterned cloth spread over the kitchen table like butter on a slice of bread
All circles: such as the letter O, open mouths, diamond rings, key-rings, keyholes, portholes, plugholes, lifesavers, lipstick stains, washers for taps, the rim of soap left around a bath when the water is let out
All containers: such as cups and saucers, salad bowls, hot-water bottles, pot-plant holders, schoolbags, jam-jars, fruit tins, ashtrays, woven baskets, plastic milk bottles and hollows in the stumps of trees
All pipes: Such as drainpipes, downpipes, sewer pipes, exhaust pipes, spouting, U-bends, gutters, stormwater drains, inner tubes, brandy snaps and hydroslides
Cigarette papers
Soap holders
Fur coats
Wrap-around skirts
Hot air balloons
Soap bubbles
page 14 Sunglasses worn by a particular friend you cannot recognise without them
Brightly patterned lolly papers picked up by the wind and bounced against the concrete-coloured pavement of the sky.