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Sport 25: Spring 2000

The shape of words

page 8

The shape of words

A is the shape of a tin roof on an old church.
B is the bottom of a fat man.
C is a crab scuttling along the beach.
X is the shape of butterfly wings.
hallelujah is the shape of righteous people sitting closely together in church.
abracadabra is a caterpillar crawling along its leaf.
bubbling is the shape of water boiling.
higgledypiggledy is a collection of flowers dripping out of their windowboxes.
daddy-long-legs are small carts unloading suitcases from the back of an aeroplane.
orange is the shape of a round fruit hanging from a tree, a young woman reaching out to pick it, a kitten chasing after its own tail, an old woman weeding her garden, a small boy fishing from a pond, the sun setting over a smooth beach.
smoke is a lazy snake crawling towards the sun, two large clouds billowing, a round mouth coughing, a small bird singing in a tree, the eye of a tired child falling asleep.
page 9 love is one leg planted firmly on the ground, a spare washer for a dripping tap, that beautiful bird flying towards me or away, a broken eggshell opened on the floor.