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Sport 25: Spring 2000

A set of instructions to be used when reading a poem

page 20

A set of instructions to be used when reading a poem

  • 1. To begin with lift the poem carefully out of its paper.
  • 2. Balance the poem in the palm of your hand.
  • 3. Don't be afraid of the poem.
  • 4. Run your fingers around the outside of the poem:
    • a. Is it rough or smooth?
    • b. Is it heavy or light?
  • 5. Throw the poem up into the air. Does it float?
  • 6. Put the poem into your mouth. Either:
    • a. Squeeze a small amount onto your tongue like toothpaste.
    • b. Enter the whole poem into your mouth like cake.
  • 7. Remove the first word and the last word from the poem. Shake vigorously. Each word should fall out of line.
  • 8. Place the words into your mouth and roll them around. Suck. Chew. Gargle. Hide the words in your cheeks. Spit them at people.
  • 9. When you are finished put the words back where they 21
  • 10. Whisper the poem quietly to yourself.
  • 11. Yell the poem out loud.
  • 12. Recite the poem in broad daylight / in moonlight / with the lights on / with the lights off / in the bathroom / in the garden / underneath a tree.
  • 13. Recite the poem on fine days / on rainy days / on calm days / on windy days / on an empty stomach / with your mouth full.
  • 14. Put the poem on blocks and lie underneath it. Tinker with the timing. Pack each word in grease. File off the engine numbers. Repaint the poem.
  • 15. Eat breakfast on the poem. Stain the poem with coffee.
  • 16. Stand on the poem.
  • 17. Water the poem.
  • 18. Mix the poem in with the washing.
  • 19. Carry the poem around in your pocket for a week.
  • 20. Now the poem belongs to you.