Title: Sport 24

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, March 2000

Part of: Sport

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Sport 24: Summer 2000

Sonja Yelich

Sonja Yelich

page 138

talking to a brick wall

to p.f.
this is my brother in colour up against the wall
people built it to keep people out. i haven't

seen such a thing. he is in profile with one ear
pointing at the world. the rest is listening.

there are 6 other people in the picture going
some place. you just see their heads. my

brother is there in 84 & 88. so he does west
berlin twice. it was over the top he said.

it's like 24 hours. you can pay for anything.
then there's this sign that reads he who gets

through here—will get one deutschmark from
me. & you see a fake door with handle &

window. my brother is actually touching the
wall. adopted off in 61.

page 139

when you meet—october 88

they a weirdbreed. we got it on kodakgold this one.
there's the shock on our face. right so he's up

the steps & at the door like hansel. you gretel?
we got matching breadcrumbs. i'm on the birth cer

tificate sis so you my family. where you been hi
ding all my life i ask. when we hug i'm quick to

smell him i smell me later to see if it's the same.
i get the feeling we need to be babies again & go

for the rewind button. october 88. same blood.
he tells me all about the string. when you find

your mother it's like you got the end of a bit of
string in your hand. & you know where it came from

here's my name. see. i blow my heart out of