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Sport 24: Summer 2000

when you meet—october 88

page 139

when you meet—october 88

they a weirdbreed. we got it on kodakgold this one.
there's the shock on our face. right so he's up

the steps & at the door like hansel. you gretel?
we got matching breadcrumbs. i'm on the birth cer

tificate sis so you my family. where you been hi
ding all my life i ask. when we hug i'm quick to

smell him i smell me later to see if it's the same.
i get the feeling we need to be babies again & go

for the rewind button. october 88. same blood.
he tells me all about the string. when you find

your mother it's like you got the end of a bit of
string in your hand. & you know where it came from

here's my name. see. i blow my heart out of