Title: Somebody Say Something

Author: Gregory O'Brien

In: Sport 23: Spring 1999

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, November 1999

Part of: Sport

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Sport 23: Spring 1999


page 32


p.10 Evening Post, September 1999. The inscription on Storm Warning reads: ‘YOU MUST FACE THE FACT The final age of this world is to be a time of troubles. Men will love nothing but money and self. They will be arrogant, boastful and abusive, with no respect for parents, no gratitude, no piety, no natural affections, they will be implacable in their hatreds. PAUL TO TIMOTHY.’

p.12 Article by Tessa Laird in the Listener, 5 September 1998.

p.17 Page from Miserere, Georges Rouault (Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1952). The caption translates: ‘In so many different ways, the noble vocation of sowing in hostile land.’

p.18 Invitation to Colin McCahon's 1968 exhibition at the Barry Lett Gallery, Auckland.

p.21 left Colin McCahon, Untitled (My brothers, not many of you) 1969, crayon on wallpaper, c. 133× 55 cm (McCahon Family Collection).

p.21 right Colin McCahon, Untitled (‘Parts of speech’ Peter Hooper) 1969, mixed media on wallpaper, c. 133×55 cm (McCahon Family Collection).

p.23 Handwritten draft by Colin McCahon of his notes for Colin McCahon; a survey exhibition (Auckland City Art Gallery, 1972).

p.26 Invitation to exhibition AFTER AFTER McCAHON at Cubewell House, 17 April 1993, featuring works by Chris Cane, Neil Dawson, Julian Dashper, Michael Harrison, Ronnie van Hout, Philip Kelly, Daniel Malone, P. Mule, Michael Parekowhai, Patrick Pound, John Reynolds and Isabel Thom. In keeping with the spirit of much post-McCahon art, this invitation featured an early photograph of McCahon with a pointed beard and moustache scrawled onto it. This gesture invokes both Marcel Duchamp's infamous revision of the Mona Lisa, L. H. O. O. Q., and the equally notorious facial hair of Salvador Dali.

p.27 Allan Kaprow, Words, an environment installed in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, c. 1967.

p.28 McCahon's invitation to his 1971 exhibition at Dawson's Gallery, Dunedin. Here he reconfigures his signature as, at once, mandala, asterix, blazing sun and the spokes of a wheel rolling along a firmament of words.

p.31 Mary McFarlane, Dear Wee Storm Warning 1999, ink on paper.

Thanks to the Colin McCahon Trust for permission to reproduce works by the artist.