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Sport 22: Autumn 1999

Kay McKenzie Cooke — Groynes, St Clair Beach

page 113

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Groynes, St Clair Beach

Originally designed
to prevent erosion, but now
just good for photographs
or somewhere to walk to.

A hazard to surfies and no doubt
on some councillor's agenda
for a clean sweep. In '73
Pam and I came down here

in an orange VW
that always stalled at the lights
and walked along the sand
towards their stoop; the lean

of them into the grey.
Kind of like yardsticks,
measuring … what? Depth of field,
the inevitable brush with life?

Moving against me,
the flutter of the baby.
It was in July, about three in the afternoon,
a frost already in the air, the sea
cold and mad.