Title: Sport 20

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, March 1998, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 20: Autumn 1998

Johanna Aitchison

Johanna Aitchison

page 101

Kissing You

I kissed you,
your mouth was softer
than any mouth
I had tasted before,
your skin was soft too,
so I left my hand
upon your cheek,
though we were sitting in
the middle of a bar,
surrounded by other people,
and you were with
that boyfriend of yours,
who was not around,
right then.

page 102

My White Shirt

you remind me
of a nose bleed
on a short day

far too much blood
for such a little cut

I wore a white shirt
I prayed for rain

I walked through
the rooms

& whispered to
keep up with
the quiet

it was a sin
to stand out
a sin to shout

if you transgress
they hose you clean
in the back room

with a
running tap

with four
white walls

& easy chairs
grinning like insanity