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Sport 20: Autumn 1998

one hand for you — one hand for the boat

one hand for you
one hand for the boat

your letter came
when i was getting the work part right
about the nursing man

page 63

those who'd been on his watch
stood to
as the storm encroached

they fought to look after him
harboured him
in the ICU palace

a temporary mooring
all hands
imagining where his body belonged

charted detail
charted hazard

leaned in
the way you would with a lover
and talked
as if his life depended on it

they said
the air ocean is soft
but the hurricane approaches
if you want to get home
you must sail at once

when he cast off
there was little enough to run with

all life's swimming in the air ocean
across the membrane
all life's wreckage

here floods sweetness
some tide swung in
your letter
to me