Title: Sport 19

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman

Part of: Sport

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Sport 19: Lightworks

Glenn Colquhoun

Glenn Colquhoun

page 9

A History

The Presenting Complaint

It was a fine day. I was outside. I had thought to myself that it was a good day for washing. There are people who say that they will do it for me but there are many ways of hanging it out. I know which way I like it hung myself and I don't mean to be a bother. It was a fine day and I was so warm. It was a terrible sound. Like someone had cracked a branch. I knew by the sound of it that it wasn't good. It was a very hot day. I hope someone has got them in. You probably don't mind which way they are hung.

A Past Medical History

I knew a doctor once which was many years ago. You may have heard of him. He worked here. You have not. You must have heard of him. He was quite famous. He invented a machine. It was the shape of a triangle. He sewed it onto the skin to help his operation. I was one of the first he used it on. I can tell you I would never have it again after that. I don't remember the operation. You would know it of course. Do they still use it. I'm not surprised.

No. I have had no problems there. I take pills of course but I do not know what they are for. They may be for that. I have read that sometimes you would not know. They could be for that—the pills. It would make sense. What do you think.

No. No. No. No. Oh my goodness no. I have never had that. Not at least that I know of. Should I have known. I am not sure. I could have I suppose. How would I know. I wouldn't have thought so. You have me thinking.

page 10

You have had me thinking and now I remember. I have had upsets there yes. In the past. Yes I have had problems. How is that then. I have. Thank you for reminding me.

The Medications

I have taken many pills in my time. Yes there have been a lot. I used to take a blue pill. It was small even for a pill. Once for a while I took the blue-tongued mussel. Have you ever heard of that. I don't know why I took it now. I told my doctor I had been taking it. He said the less of it I took the better. I don't suppose I should have taken it now. The blue-tongued mussel. Could it have done me any harm.

The Allergies

I am allergic to morphine. I must not have it. They gave it to me when I came here. It made me see things. There was a room full of men and they were looking at me. It was very strange. I did not look back to begin with. They spoke to me. One of them I thought quite smart. He asked me to dance. I said to the doctor could I dance. My leg was not sore. I said the men had been talking to me and did he think what they have been saying could be true. He asked me which men. I said the men who have asked me to dance. He said I was not to have any more. I was disappointed. He did not see them at all.

A Social History

I have been married. It did not seem long ago. I met him when he was playing rugby and I was going to church. In the end of course he came to church. He was a very good player. A winger. He was very fast. He played for the local team in his day. He could not come to church then. He was a great man for his football but I was patient. I knew that he belonged in church. He knew it too but he was a young man and very fast. He had to wait till he could not play football anymore and then he came. He went happily then. He came to be page 11 very strong. He was an elder. He was a winger and an elder. Very fast. I suppose I was faster.

I live on my own now and I do not smoke. My husband used a pipe. Is that better or worse. He said it was better. I was not sure. I drink wine on occasions. I have been told that it is good for me. You have been very through.

Have I told you what you wanted to know.

A Mini Mental Status Examination

  • She told me that it was summer and that we were in the south of France.
  • The night before we had heard a man sing beautifully on the street and had sipped wine while we listened.
  • Her father was important and young men had always sought her.
  • I was no exception.
  • She complained of the heat.
2.She remembered three things:
  • One The sound of crickets frying in the sun.
  • Two The correct way for casting on a row of stiches.
  • Three That in her father's house were many mansions.
3.She told me that my pen was a dagger and my watch was a fading rose in my hand.
4.She said that the world was already backwards and why make it worse.page 12
5.She wrote:
  • ‘Old Meg she was a gypsy
  • And lived upon the moors
  • Her bed it was the brown heath turf
  • And her house was out of doors.’
  • She drew a butterfly on a piece of paper for me.
  • She coloured the body in blue where the wings overlapped.
7.She closed one eye at a time slowly while she looked at me with a smile.
8.She took the paper in her right hand, screwed it up and threw it at me.

No ifs, ands or buts.

Later I told her what day it was and the name of the place where we had talked.

I said her name like a cold flannel wiping the food away from someone's mouth.

There are times when I wonder why I did.